Today You Will Be With Me in Paradise

Jesus is crucified alongside two criminals. One joins the crowds in mocking, but the other affirms Jesus’ innocence a...

Cory SmithLast Sunday
Today You Will Be With Me in Paradise
Cory SmithLast Sunday
Father, Forgive Them
Brenda Colijn2/18/2024
My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?
Cory Smith2/11/2024
Concerning the End
Cory Smith2/4/2024
The Greatest In Heaven's Kingdom
Cory Smith1/28/2024
Those With Ears To Hear, Let Them Hear
Cory Smith1/21/2024
Instructions for Outreach
Cory Smith1/14/2024
The Way of Heaven's Kingdom
Cory Smith1/7/2024
A Profane Passion
Cory Smith12/24/2023
Joy of the Magi
Cory Smith12/17/2023
God With Us
Cory Smith12/10/2023
A Pregnant Pause
Cory Smith12/3/2023
My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?
Cory Smith2/11/2024
Father, Forgive Them
Brenda Colijn2/18/2024
Today You Will Be With Me in Paradise
Cory SmithLast Sunday
The Gospel In A Time Of Persecution
Cory Smith1/15/2023
Why Sinners Make Great Evangelists
Cory Smith1/22/2023
Cory Smith1/29/2023
The Mustard Seed
Cory Smith2/5/2023
Cory Smith2/12/2023
Walking On Water
Bob Trube2/19/2023
Why Would Jesus Call A Distressed Woman A Dog?
Cory Smith2/26/2023
Deny Yourself, Take Up Your Cross, and Follow Me
Cory Smith3/12/2023
I Believe, Help My Unbelief
Rudy Bocanegra3/19/2023
One Thing You Lack
Cory Smith3/26/2023
Hosanna In The Highest
Cory Smith4/2/2023
Does God Need Your Money?
Cory Smith4/16/2023
Is It Right For You To Be Angry?
Cory Smith7/9/2023
Streetcorner Prophet
Cory Smith7/2/2023
The Prayer of a Self-Righteous Man
Cory Smith6/25/2023
What Does It Mean That Jesus Ascended?
Cory Smith5/21/2023
The Gift of Living Water
Scott Soden5/28/2023
Why the Trinity Matters
Cory Smith6/4/2023
What Is The Gospel?
Brenda Colijn6/11/2023
Workers for the Harvest
Rudy Bocanegra11/26/2023
A Greater Kingdom
Drew Meziere8/13/2023
A Vision Worth Pursuing
Cory Smith7/30/2023
What Do We Find At The Ends Of The Earth?
Jeff Whiteside7/23/2023
The Lord's Prayer
Cory Smith7/16/2023
Esther and The Way Of The Cross
Cory Smith3/5/2023
A Living Hope
Cory Smith4/9/2023
Joseph: the Reconciler
Cory Smith11/19/2023
Joseph: the Suffering Servant
Cory Smith11/12/2023
Joseph: the Dreamer
Rudy Bocanegra11/5/2023
Judah & Tamar: a Messy Situation
Cory Smith10/29/2023
Israel: the Contender
Cory Smith10/22/2023
Jacob: the One Who Grasps the Heel
Cory Smith10/15/2023
Isaac: the Promised Son
Cory Smith10/8/2023
Sarah: the Laughing Wife
Cory Smith10/1/2023
Hagar: the One God Saw
Cory Smith9/24/2023
Abraham: the Wandering Father
Cory Smith9/17/2023
Noah: the Faithful One
Cory Smith9/10/2023
Cain & Abel: Sibling Rivalry
Bob Trube9/3/2023