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From this Playlist: In the Beginning
Joseph: the Reconciler
Cory Smith11/19/2023
Joseph: the Suffering Servant
Cory Smith11/12/2023
Joseph: the Dreamer
Rudy Bocanegra11/5/2023
Judah & Tamar: a Messy Situation
Cory Smith10/29/2023
Israel: the Contender
Cory Smith10/22/2023
Jacob: the One Who Grasps the Heel
Cory Smith10/15/2023
Isaac: the Promised Son
Cory Smith10/8/2023
Sarah: the Laughing Wife
Cory Smith10/1/2023
Hagar: the One God Saw
Cory Smith9/24/2023
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Abraham: the Wandering Father
Cory Smith9/17/2023
Noah: the Faithful One
Cory Smith9/10/2023
Cain & Abel: Sibling Rivalry
Bob Trube9/3/2023